Fitness factory
- Improve your Cardio
- Développer les schémas moteurs du MMA
- Perfectionner votre technique
- Perdez du poids
- Maintenez la distanciation et les consignes sanitaires en faisant du sport de combat
Ce cours à haute intensité inspiré des arts martiaux modernes est sans contact et il n’y a pas de mouvements compliqués à maîtriser.
A FITNESS FACTORY coach will push you to increase the intensity and allow you to get the most out of each part.
Free yourself from stress, have fun and feel like a fighter.
Les séances de FITNESS FACTORY sont d’une durée de 30 minutes. Avec 3 niveaux différents d'intensité.

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a complete combat sport combining striking and grappling sports. The pedagogical quality of MMA FACTORY combines high level cardio training with perfect mastery of movements. Our students, both amateurs and high level competitors, develop exceptional concentration skills and a mental outlook that is useful in everyday life.


Initiation to different educational combat sports for children, pre-teens and teens. Non-impact Thai boxing, grappling without finishing or any keys.

Just postures, attitudes, technical and strategic improvement.
With a animal language for the youngest. Oppositional games to develop motor skills, speed, coordination, flexibility, strengthand above all social skills.


Krav Maga seeks simplicity and efficiency. Krav Maga is a method based on techniques derived from natural movements, combined with a realistic way of thinking. Learning Krav Maga provides concepts and techniques to increase one's ability to defend against grabs, chokes, threats with weapons or blunt objects and to deal with multiple attackers.


Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a martial art classified as fist-fighting. It is an ancient and very popular discipline in Southeast Asia.

This sport can be practised from a very young age and requires great dexterity. The technicality of the movements makes this sport very interesting for people who want to practice a regular physical activity.


Wrestling is a sport discipline and a combat sport. There are many varieties of wrestling, but three main ones can be distinguished: freestyle wrestling (LL), Greco-Roman wrestling (GR) and women's wrestling (LF).

Wrestling is a system of unarmed combat in which opponents compete in hand-to-hand combat. The objective is to win the fight either by making the opponent fall to the ground and keeping both shoulders stuck to the mat: this is the fall; or by winning on points. However, there are specific rules for different styles. Not to be confused with wrestling, also called "professional wrestling".

English Boxing

The English boxingalso known as the noble artis a combat sport in which two opponents of the same weight class and gender meet in a ring, wearing padded gloves to limit the risk of cuts, and exchange punches to the face and chest.

At MMAFACTORY this discipline is omnipresent. Its teaching is the basis of all our courses. If you don't know where to start, English Boxing is certainly a good place to start.






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