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To register for the MMAFACTORY you need a number of documents.
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Medical certificate & photo

To join the MMAFACTORY you will have to provide a medical certificate from a doctor. The medical certificate of "no contraindication to the practice" of the chosen sport(s). Without this mention your certificate will not be accepted. Your certificate should also be dated within three months. 


THE PHOTO We need a passport photo of you with your face uncovered to complete your registration file. The photos in the official format provided in the vending machines (photo booth) are perfect. If you don't have one, a photo taken from a neutral, uncovered face will suffice.

Pay on the spot

Present yourself to the room with all the documents correctly filled in. The supporting documents must be in order and must bear your full name. Don't forget to bring identification with you.

By filling out the form, you have chosen a payment method and a method of payment. In accordance with your choice, please prepare accordingly. 

For payments by cheque, a valid piece of identification is required (Driver's license, Passport, ID card). 


At MMA FACTORY we believe that sport is not a luxury. Being able to practice a fulfilling sport activity is within everyone's reach. Every year and throughout the year, we re-evaluate the registration fees to offer you the best possible service. Our coaches and teachers are attentive and understanding in case of financial difficulties. Do not hesitate to ask for your payments to be spread over several dates (3 maximum). You choose the dates AND the amount you are able to pay. It is not a credit, it is not an advance, but beware THAT YOU COMMIT YOURSELF.

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A trial does not commit you and allows you to test our disciplines before you decide. We're sure you'll find the right sport for you!